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ATTS 0009 – “Thief on the Cross” Salvation

Episode 0009 – Host Mike Crosby and guest David McElwain discuss the salvation of the thief on the cross and how that applies or does not apply to us today. 0009 Audio – “Thief on the Cross” Salvation Advertisements

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ATTS 0006 – The One Baptism

Episode 0006 – Host Mike Crosby and guests Rufus Johnson and Loyial J. Williams Jr. discuss the one baptism. 0006 – The One Baptism

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ATTS 0004 – How Are Men Saved Today?

Episode 0004 – Host Mike Crosby and guests Reginald Reed and Archie R. Green discuss how men are saved today. 0004 Audio – How Are Men Saved Today?

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